Today we are making an early endorsement of Dan Osborn, the independent candidate for U.S. Senate in 2024.

For years, critical railway safety bills have languished in Congress and powerful corporate lobbies have blocked reform. Worker safety and the safety of the Nebraska public is on the line, and our “representatives” can’t move the legislation that would protect lives.

As an independent, Dan can be a critical vote that either the Republicans or Democrats must win over on their priorities – that would put Dan in the catbird seat when it comes to championing and passing legislative priorities for Nebraskans.

Dan comes from a railroad family and is a true independent unaffiliated with either party. The U.S. Senate gets nothing done because it’s full of politicians who follow orders from Charles Schumer or Mitch McConnell. Dan can be a swing vote, ensuring that the nation’s policy is not being dictated by either sold-out party boss.

A new poll commissioned by Nebraska Railroaders for Public Safety found that Nebraskans of all political persuasions are deeply unhappy with incumbent Senator Deb Fischer’s representation over the past decade. “She has done nothing for Nebraskans” and “I am unaware of one bill she has passed,” voters say. In fact, even with most voters just getting to know who Dan is, the poll found that 40 percent would support him (with 38% for Fischer). That number climbs to 53% once voters learn more about Dan – and now it’s our job, together, to be sure they do.


Dan might be new to electoral politics, but he’s a proven fighter. In 2021, he led the successful strike against Kellogg’s that saved hundreds of working class union jobs. His platform puts railway safety front and center, including:

  • Requiring two-person crews to protect against derailments
  • Increasing fines for violating federal rail safety laws so these giant corporations take safety regulations seriously
  • Finally passing a federal law to stop blocked crossings – which has bipartisan support but has stalled in the do-nothing Congress

Nebraska has a strong independent streak and it’s time we elect a next-generation representative of the working class instead of continuing to send out-of-touch millionaires back to Washington to fail us.

Senator Fischer promised to serve just two terms and has not earned a third. (70% of Nebraska voters are concerned with Fischer’s broken promise.)

Dan will fight every day for small businesses, workers, and farmers. He wants to cut taxes for small businesses and the middle class, protect middle-class jobs and wages, improve worker safety, and create a level playing field for family farms and ranches, through a Right to Repair law and fixing federal crop insurance subsidies that unfairly favor large operators.

Dan opposes efforts to legislate how private citizens conduct themselves. While he respects the deep moral convictions of his fellow Nebraskans, he opposes using the federal government to enforce those convictions on others and will fight to stop harsh government intervention in our private lives and decisions.

Nebraska Railroaders for Public Safety asks that you not take our word for it but get to know Dan Osborn. Research his platform, listen to him speak, talk to your neighbors.  If you’re as convinced as we are that early support for Dan is one way we build a better future for Nebraska families, you can help by making a grassroots donation directly to his campaign.