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A new survey of voters in Nebraska found that high costs of gas and groceries was the most pressing concern for 41% of respondents a year out from the 2024 General Election. Several other issues topped biggest challenges for a quarter or more of the electorate:

  • Immigration (36%)
  • Political extremism (33%)
  • High taxes (29%)
  • Threats to women’s reproductive freedom (28%)
  • Government intrusion in our personal lives (27%)
  • Access to quality, affordable health care (25%)

Seventy-three percent of Nebraska voters said they are “10 out of 10” motivated to participate in the 2024 election.

If the Presidential election were held today, 53% of Nebraska voters would choose Donald Trump, and 35% would choose Joe Biden.

Trump topped favorable public opinion with 43 percent viewing the former Republican President favorably, and 48% unfavorably. Labor unions came in second with 42% approval, while 30% of Nebraska voters view labor unions unfavorably.

Voters were split on sending incumbent U.S. Senators back to Washington, DC. After reviewing bios of two-term Senator Deb Fischer and first-time candidate Dan Osborn, 53% percent said they would choose Osborn were the election held today. Pete Ricketts, appointed to the Senate in January, saw 47% support for election to the seat vs. 38% for a prospective candidate from the Democratic Party.

Nebraskans were widely split on trusted media sources, with no single source winning more than 29% from voters:

  • Local TV news (29%)
  • National TV news (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS) (21%)
  • National Public Radio (20%)

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The survey reached 1,048 representative Nebraska voters and was fielded Nov. 13-16 by Change Research, which conducts public opinion polls for KQED and has a strong record of top quality results.