Deb Fischer lied about serving two terms, and now the Senator is lying about Dan Osborn’s positions.

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It makes sense for a politician desperate to keep hold on power: Nebraskans are much more aligned with Osborn’s policy positions than with Fischer’s. This is perhaps nowhere clearer than when it comes to legal medicinal use of marijuana.

Dan Osborn supports legal medical marijuana and removing cannabis from Schedule I. In interviews, he talks about how marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. In our poll of 1,048 likely Nebraska voters last November, a wide majority agreed with Osborn on medical marijuana – including rural voters in the vast third district.

Fischer, a staunch prohibitionist, is deeply out of step with Nebraskans. Historically, the Senator has even threatened to defund the Justice Department unless it cracked down on states with permissive attitudes towards marijuana.

Osborn can beat Fischer and needs the support of all cannabis reform advocates to do it. However, a hostile effort has emerged by a primary candidate to label Osborn a “union thug” and throw the race to Fischer.

Osborn supporters should vote in the primary as independents or Marijuana Party members on the Marijuana Party ballot and support Kerry Eddy, a reform activist who will unite cannabis issue voters to support Osborn in the general election and beat Fischer.

Osborn supporters need to check and update their registration by April 29 and vote for Kerry by the May 14 in-person primary date.

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